Groom Baffles Bride When He Says “No” At Altar Leaving Crowd Weeping At His Explanation

We can imagine the nightmare scenario: you are standing at the altar with your significant other and when your partner is asked to vow their love, they back out without warning. That nightmare almost became a reality for Wendy, a beautiful bride when her fiancé, Paul, was asked if he would take her as his wedded wife.

Everybody was expecting him to simply reply with a ‘yes’ and for the ceremony to move on. What he did instead was well up with tears, look at his bride and say he couldn’t make that promise. When he gave his explanation, everyone in attendance was reaching for their tissues.

Paul and Wendy had a very special relationship from the beginning. They shared many happy memories and they built lives around each other that were unforgettable. He knew from the start that she was to be his wife.

As the wedding plans continued to progress, Paul realized that something was amiss. He didn’t simply want Wendy to be his ‘lawfully wedded wife’ because she met much more than that to him. She was his world.

That is why he had something special in mind when they were standing at the altar. The trickiest part was to go through with it without succumbing to his emotions.

He was able to hold it together at first but when he started with his explanation as to why he said no, he began to cry. Wendy was there to help him get through it and she stood by his side with a smile and with a lot of patience. There is only a short amount of interaction shown in the video below but it is easy to see that they were meant for each other.

We are sure that they will weather the storms that come with marriage in the best way that they possibly can. We wish them all the best and a happy marriage that lasts for years.

Listen to what Paul says to his bride at the altar in this video:

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