Boy Loses Soldier Dad, But Years Later He Knocks On The Door And Tells His Son To Come Outside

Army first Lieut. Jonathan Rozier died while serving on active duty and in the process, he left behind his wife and his son, Justin. Justin never had the opportunity to talk to his father.

Jonathan’s wife, Jessica Johns does her best to keep things together after her husband passed. She had to give up some things along the way, including a 1999 black Toyota Celica convertible that belonged to her husband. She could no longer afford to pay the payments.

Nobody was driving the vehicle so she sold it.

Justin has put together a memorabilia collection of his father over the years. 15 years after his father died, he had pictures, dog tags, and many other items but there was one thing missing, his dad’s old car.

As Justin got closer to being 16 years of age he was looking forward to having his driver’s license. What he couldn’t get off of his mind, however, is what it would be like to drive that Toyota Celica that belonged to his father.

He realized that it was an impossible dream so he changed his goal. He wanted a car that was the same make and model.

At the same time, his mother went on a search to look for the old car that she sold. She knew it was a difficult and possibly impossible search but she had to try for the sake of her son.

She posted her mission on Facebook and it went viral. It reached worldwide attention and then a miracle happened: Jessica found it. She had to bargain a while with the owner but she eventually convinced him to sell the vehicle.

There was only one problem, she had to have enough money to pay for the car and for the repairs that were necessary.

That is when an organization, Follow the Flag, stepped up to the plate. That organization is run by Kyle Fox and it does amazing things.

The organization was able to raise the cash to purchase the vehicle and then volunteers were put together to fix the car so it could be driven.

Justin knew he was turning 16 but he had no idea what was about to happen to him. When he got his surprise and drove it down the road, his reaction was bringing people to tears. You can see it in this video, it is sure to bring you to tears as well:

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