Mysterious Creature Interrupts Live News Broadcast Befuddling Viewers

Live television can be a lot of fun but it can also present certain logistical challenges. When the viewer is confronted with images that they cannot be shielded from, this can cause any number of different issues. In some cases, an unexpected visitor might come by mid show and those who are responsible for the program have to be able to roll with these sorts of punches.

Just take this story, for instance. A guest happened to stop by and it led to a great deal of debate. We all know what happens once the Internet gets their hands on clips like these, as well. The debates begin and they rage on for days and weeks at a time. This Utah news reporter found themselves in a dark, wooded area when their unscheduled guest arrived on the scene.

When the animal made its way into the picture, the reporter laughed it off initially. We would have done the same. Morgan Saxton was determined to remain calm while all of this was taking place and we cannot blame her. One little dog shouldn’t be able to bring a show to a screeching halt. However, a tweet that captured this moment went viral.

This is when the debate began. While there are some who believed that it was a dog on their screens, there were others who were not so sure about this matter. They believed that they had actually seen a cougar instead. Of course, Twitter immediately went into debate mode and tried to put on their detective hats to get to the bottom of all this.

Some even thought that it was a mountain lion. All we can say is that we are happy Morgan is safe and sound. This could have turned out much worse for her if she was not careful. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources eventually had to weigh in on the matter. They said that they could not make any sort of confirmation from the video.

Instead, their professionals would need to visit the scene and collect evidence themselves. Before too long, they reported their findings. As it turns out, the creature was a canine. Morgan was sure to keep her Twitter followers in the loop while the information was being gathered. Thank God this mystery has been solved! We may have lost actual sleep over this one. Be sure to share this show stealing dog with your loved ones!

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