Group Of Friends Find Abandoned Puppy Hiding In Grass

A group of friends were visiting an Oklahoma park one day, with intentions of walking their dogs. What they found during this trip will surprise you. They located a small puppy that seemed to be quite defeated. From the looks of it, someone had simply left the dog behind. Why would someone do something this insensitive? Once this puppy noticed the group, he began to perk up.

It was at this time that the group realized that they needed to take him with them. They could not leave the poor little guy behind. He followed the group as soon as he noticed them. They would have been monsters to leave him behind. The poor puppy had clearly been through a lot. The animal was missing fur and was also incredibly emaciated. No one had been feeding him.

They took the dog to the vet’s office. He was scanned to see if he had a microchip. There was none present. They kept him for a few weeks after the appointment. The group wanted to make sure that he found a family before they gave up on him. While they attempted to reach out to whoever had lost him on their social media pages, the person or persons who left him behind wanted no part of it.

Jacob and Katy were friends of the group. They happened to be looking for a dog of their own. Once it became obvious that they were not going to find anyone else who was interested in him, they decided that Jacob and Katy would be the perfect match. Strider is now his name. He’s got a family to call his own and he is happy to be in a forever home.

The pup was initially timid but he would get over his shyness eventually. He has grown quite a bit in the meantime. Can you believe that sad little pup now weighs in at 50 pounds?

“He’s about 50 pounds now and we are unsure how big he will get,” Katy

This is one of the happiest stories that we have come across in some time.

Kudos to the group that decided to rescue Strider from the park. If not for them, who knows what would have became of this poor puppy? This story is a valuable reminder of the importance of being a good Samaritan. You just never know who you might be helping. Please take a moment to share away, everyone.

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