Dog Insists On Sleeping At The Bottom Of The Stairs In The Most Dramatic Position Possible

Ruben the terrier is much like any dog, in the sense that he takes his napping with the utmost level of seriousness. All he wants to do is take naps and bark at strangers. David Harsanyi is the dog’s favorite human being on the planet. Good thing he has taken the time to learn more about Ruben’s habits. The dog is committed to scaring the heck out of people.

He does not mean to do so. He is only looking to enjoy his favorite sleeping spot. As anyone knows, dogs love to pick a place to sleep and stick to it. Once they have found an area where they like to lay down, good luck getting them to change their ways. This is something that David is already well aware of. Since he works from home, he spends plenty of time with his pal.

“He tends to camp out on the landing so he can monitor what’s going on,” says David. In most instances, Ruben prefers to sleep at the bottom of the steps. The position that he chooses is problematic at times, though. It makes it look like an awful tragedy has occurred. The first glance that we took at the photo of him laid out like that made us do a double take.

David is used to the dog’s way of life but he admits that it does look like a tragic accident has taken place. This is even funnier once you realize that Ruben has an awesome dog bed that he can sleep in anytime that he wants. Of course, this is not good enough for him. He needs to make sure that he can spend time on the landing and keep the house safe.

How else is he supposed to survey his territory? This is one dog that takes his guarding duties seriously and we commend him for it. From the looks of it, David has gotten used to being startled by the dog’s choice of sleeping area. We just hope that none of his guests end up having a heart attack over it. It took a while for our hearts to stop pounding!

Be sure to share this hilarious story with your closest friends and loved ones. Any dog owners who have a pooch that chooses to sleep like this can definitely relate to what David is going through. Even if you buy your dog the nicest bed in the whole world, they are still going to find weird places to camp out.

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