Nobody Wanted This Adorable Shelter Dog Because Of His Crooked Face

Mosley is a dog who does not look like all of the other dogs in the world. While this is a detriment to some, there are those who can still find it in their hearts to love an animal, even when they are different. Poor Mosley was stuck at an animal shelter in Georgia for several months. People kept passing him over because of his unique appearance.

He still kept the faith, though. It was a crowded shelter with a lot of foot traffic. Maybe no one worthwhile had seen him yet? Finally, Amanda Harris came along. As the Atlanta Humane Society’s marketing programs manager, she has seen a lot of dogs in her time. As soon as she came across the photo of Mosley, she knew that this dog was a special one.

Amanda wanted to help him in any way that she could. She picked him up from the shelter and set about the task of changing his life. The crooked smile that he flashed in his photos captured her heart and understandably so. Once she shared his photos on social media, the likes and comments started rolling in. She’s not the only one to see something special in Mosley.

“He quickly became very popular on social media, where dozens of families inquired about adopting him.”

Lindsey and her family were the lucky contenders that were chosen. They have taken Mosley home with them and they are beyond ecstatic. He’s very excited to have a forever home to call his own as well. All he wants is love and affection.

After spending all of that time being neglected, he just wants to follow his new family around. It must be nice to realize that you are finally in a place where you are going to be loved and appreciated. He’s even got a cat sister to hang out. The two are becoming fast friends. Him and Barbara are working the kinks out as we speak. We are sure that they are going to be the best of pals before long.

If you would like to assist other animals who find themselves in the same predicament as Mosley, be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones. It is time that we all offered a generous donation to the good people at the Atlanta Humane Society. These organizations do invaluable work when it comes to matching animals with potential forever homes in the area.

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