Scared Bull Elephant Trapped In Muddy Hole Helplessly Waited For Rescuers To Arrive

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya was the setting for this amazing rescue story. A bull elephant found themselves stuck in the mud at this location. As you can imagine, the animal was terrified by what was taking place. Community members immediately set aside what they were doing to save the terrified elephant. The elephant was also quite thirsty by the time the rescuers arrived on the scene.

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This poor bull #elephant got terribly stuck in the mud in a semi-dry well near an @nrt_kenya conservancy in Kenya. He must have fallen in the night before and was exhausted from his efforts of trying to get out of the tar-like substance. When we arrived on the scene he was very nervous and although he was very weak he still managed to trash around a bit to show us he still had some fight left in him. We decided to find him some water while we waited for the team from @lewa_wildlife @nrt_kenya and @spaceforgiants to come and help us pull him out. #stuckinthemud #africanamazing #LewaWildlifeConservancy #conservation #community #whyilovekenya #magicalkenya #ig_kenya #natgeo #natgeo #travel @nature_africa @natgeo

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Save the Elephants and the Northern Rangelands Trust helped the Lewa workers to assist the elephant. Luckily for us, the parties who were involved in the rescue took pictures and video. We cannot believe our eyes. This is the sort of incredible rescue that has to be seen in order to be believed. We could scarcely believe our own eyes when we stopped to watch it.

Saving an Elephant's LifeWhat a quick and amazing collaboration today by Lewa, the Northern Rangelands Trust, Save the Elephants and a community to save an elephant's life!Stuck overnight in a well at an NRT community conservancy, the trust this dehydrated and scared wild animal showed in his rescuers was beyond incredible. 100 litres of water later, lots of digging, pulling, 3 cars and the whole community behind him, the joint team managed to get him out and he walked away. Community ownership of wildlife works. Thank you to all those that helped!Video by Batian Craig#elephant #rescue #nature #animals

Posted by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on Saturday, March 5, 2016

“Once two thirds of the way out he was darted to allow us to remove all the straps that we had attached to him. The remaining rope was attached to his tusk and looped behind his head to aid him to his feet once he was brought round. Immediately after this picture [see below] was taken he removed this last rope using his trunk.” Batian Craig on Instagram

It took a great deal of effort to remove the elephant from the mud as well. The rescuers did their best but the process took four hours to complete. 25 gallons of water were needed and tons of digging and pulling took place. These efforts were necessary. They were also appreciated by the elephant. We would like to commend the elephant for being so trusting.

As anyone who has ever seen an animal rescue video in the past knows, it is not easy to assist wild animals, even when they are in need of help. We cannot do this rescue justice with words, however. You and your loved ones will definitely need to check this out for yourselves. The trust that this elephant placed in his rescuers has to be seen to be believed.

We cannot get enough of these clips and pictures. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is sharing more information about this rescue on their Facebook page, so that viewers from all over the world are able to learn everything that they need to know. It is our proud duty to inform readers that the elephant has been doing well since the rescue took place.

The old fellow was seen lumbering about the conservatory the very next day. Please do not hesitate to share this video with your friends and family members. This is the sort of rescue that you simply are not going to see every day. It can be tough for wild animals to place their trust in humans and this is very understandable. Kudos to these rescuers for inspiring this elephant to do just that!

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