8-Year-Old Refugee Is Being Called A Hero For How He Helped A Stray Dog That Was Hit By A Car

This little boy is a Syrian refugee but he is making headlines around the world. He is one of the most selfless children that we have ever seen. Even though he is caught in the middle of an ongoing battle that he is powerless to escape from, he is still able to look out for his fellow man….or dog, as it were. Huseyin el-Hasan has been through more during his short life than most adults experience in a lifetime.

He is not allowing these experiences to change who he is as a person, though. When he came across a stray dog that was in dire straits, he did not hesitate to assist them. The dog was dying in front of him and he knew that he had to help. The images are heartbreaking but the level of selflessness on display here is touching. The animal had been struck by an oncoming vehicle.

The boy is currently residing in Kills, Turkey. The accident took place a few doors down from his adoptive home. The boy was powerless to fix the injuries but he did everything in his power to make the dog more comfortable. He went back to his home and got a blanket to help with the dog’s shivering. Huseyin asked other adults to assist him as well.

He refused to leave the animal’s side. The little boy did not want the animal to die alone. The dog was not going to be able to survive the injuries that had taken place. She eventually succumbed to the injuries but at least she had a good Samaritan by her side during her final moments. The deputy mayor of the city was touched when he heard the boy’s story.

Cuma Ozdemir wanted to honor the boy as a hero. He even paid him a personal visit at home to let him know just how special he is. Huseyin was even given a replacement blanket, since he had shared his with the dog. We commend this young man for being willing to help a dog in need. There are not many people out there who could match his level of selflessness.

This is the sort of story that makes us appreciate everything that we have. Even though this child has been through it all and seen even more, he is still a kind and thoughtful person. Let’s follow his example.

h/t: LoveMyDogSoMuch

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