The Real Story Behind Dog’s ‘Weird’ Appearance Is Breaking Dog Lover’s Hearts

Animal Aid Unlimited recently made an astonishing discovery that turned a lot of heads. They found a dog wandering the streets, a dog with a very unique appearance. The animal’s looks like a pig’s. Of course, the Internet was quick to share the pictures. Sadly, the animal’s appearance comes with a very sad backstory. When the rescuers attempted to touch it, the dog ran away, screaming in pain.

They knew that the dog was going to need medical care. Getting him to go along with them was easier said than done, though. Once the fellow realized that these people were there to help him, his tail got to wagging. Unfortunately, the vet who looked him over came to a sad conclusion. His unique appearance was caused by a severe and infectious abscess.

The abscess was responsible for his swelling and a surgical procedure would need to be done. The procedure was designed to drain the swelling and relieve his pain. We would like to take this time to warn our readers about the video of this surgery. It is a tough watch for those of you with weaker stomachs, so please be advised. The clip is not easy to look at.

However, it is our proud duty to report that he is all better now. He is not as easily recognizable as he was before but we are sure that is for the best. His miraculous recovery is heartwarming, isn’t it? Thanks to the good folks at Animal Aid Unlimited, he is now able to live a happy and healthy life. He does not look like a pig anymore. The pain is all gone now.

We are glad to see this dog getting a well deserved second chance at life. He looks as happy as can be. It is certainly easier to appreciate the sunshine when you have been through the type of storm that he has. Walking him walk around the shelter with a huge grin on his face is totally making our day. We are more than happy that he’s been able to pull through.

Would you like to find out more about this dog’s incredible journey? Be sure to check out this clip below. You just may want to grab your tissues and have them at the ready. This is the sort of clip that is going to make you want to give this dog a big hug. We had a hard time making it through ourselves! Please pass this one along to all of the animal lovers in your life.

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