Rescued Dog That Was Starved For Months, Collapses As She Tries To Stand

Angel is a dog that has been through the worst in life already. When she first came to the attention of the rescuers that would end up being her salvation, they thought that she had stepped right out of a horror film. This is the type of animal that shows up in our nightmares. She was severely emaciated. From the looks of it, she had not eaten regularly in months.

If she was not helped right away, her organs would begin to fail. Angel could not even stand on her own. Her frame would collapse each and every time. Her rescuers also noticed that she seemed ready to die. From the looks of it, Angel had enough and was ready to give up. They did not want to give up on her, though. The rescuers provided her with the necessary treatment and kept their fingers crossed.

The treatments were designed to help her from a physical standpoint. The rescuers knew that she needed to experience love, too. They wanted Angel to know that people truly cared about her. After the life she had lived, it was tough for her to view humans as being helpful to her. Every day, they gave her positive affirmations, encouraging her to keep hope alive.

These reassurances slowly started to work! Before long, Angel was able to start consuming small amounts of food. As she began to eat more and more, her strength started to come back. It took months of assistance but Angel was eventually able to leave the sad memories behind. The rescuers’ efforts allowed her to believe in humans once again.

Those who knew the dog when things were at their worst are stunned by her new appearance. She is essentially unrecognizable. Angel even has a forever home to call her own now. She is all smiles and her new owners are beyond happy to have her. This resilient dog will never have to experience the worst aspects of human nature ever again.

We sure do hope that she is able to keep smiling that beautiful smile for years to come. While her prognosis was quite grim at first, her story is a testament to the power of positive thought. Her rescuers were not willing to give up on her, even when she didn’t believe in herself. If you would like to learn more about Angel’s amazing journey, please be sure to take a moment to check out the awesome clip below.

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