Grumpy Cat Has Passed Away At The Age Of Seven

Grumpy Cat is a well known online sensation. Her hilarious facial expressions have been delighting animal lovers for years now. Sadly, her owners recently announced that she has passed on. The announcement was shared on Twitter. Of course, all of her fans immediately expressed their grief. We cannot believe that she is gone either.

The owners tried their absolute best to save her life. Unfortunately, the cat had developed a severe urinary tract infection. Despite their best efforts, Grumpy Cat was unable to overcome her medical issues. She was just seven years old. She passed away on May 14, in the company of her mother. Tabatha was sad to lay her daughter to rest and the rest of the world is crying with her.

Top professionals were enlisted to save her life but it was not enough. She may be gone but we are always going to cherish the memories. Grumpy Cat may not have always had a smile on her face. That does not change the fact that she brought a great deal of joy to so many others. Hopefully, her spirit is able to live on through all of the people she touched along the way.

Her Instagram account was hugely popular, as she acquired over 2 million followers throughout the course of her life. She’s been Internet famous for almost her entire life. Her owner posted a photo of her grumpy puss on his Reddit account back in 2012 and she’s been a celebrity ever since. Her net worth also continued to climb, reaching roughly $1 million.

The Internet tool the time to let this family know just how much Grumpy Cat meant to them. The tweets came pouring in and these tributes are truly touching. It is amazing to see just how many lives she affected during the course of her existence. We hope that she is resting in peace and making all of the grumpy faces up in Cat Heaven. She may be gone but she is never going to be forgotten.

If you treasured this cat as much as we did, be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. We are sad to see her go but we are glad that she will no longer have to suffer. Please take a moment to share away, people. This is one awesome cat who most certainly deserved every last bit of our attention.

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