People Are Sharing the Strangest Photos in Their Camera Roll and We Have So Many Questions

A number of decades ago, you had to have pictures developed and you kept them in a photo album. Today, we may keep thousands of pictures on our smartphones at any given time and some of them are borderline weird.

When you spend any amount of time browsing the Internet on websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Imgur, you are probably going to run across at least one person with a strange sense of humor. Memes are designed to make us laugh, even if they are resting on the border from time to time. If you allow yourself to look at them, you will likely laugh at them.

If you were to look through your device, you would likely find that one weird picture that makes you laugh every time you see it.

Sometimes those pictures might even surprise you. Eric Curtin was somebody who wanted to test that theory so we asked people to respond with the strangest pictures they had on their device.

Not sure about this one

It didn’t take long before things got off the charts as far as strange is concerned. This one is a combination of SpongeBob SquarePants and Homer Simpson.

Nice repair

I’m not sure if this one is strange because somebody used ground beef as a brick or if it is because they didn’t have enough to fill the entire space.

Dunk the mole

Something tells me that this man didn’t know a picture was being taken.

Nut God is pleased

Is this actually a thing online?

Nut God is angry

I suppose this answers my own question

What do you see in this image?

Many of these items probably look vaguely familiar but you likely can’t put your finger on what you are looking at. There is a good reason behind it. This picture was created to simulate what people see when they are having a stroke.

Common mom!

Some pictures are memes that will put you in mind of your childhood.

A face in a refrigerator

Did you realize this was blocked as ‘sensitive content’ when it was first posted?

Nicholas Cage in space

Put this one on Netflix and I would watch it.

Disney with a twist

Swapping out a Disney princess with a piece of construction equipment is brilliant.

Don’t do it!

I think somebody spiked the honey.

Hand and foot swap

Mario would do much better if he was actually built like this.

Toads ready for battle

I wonder how long it took him to have the toads pose with weapons in their hands?

Bear with a little head

It’s similar to Big Hero 6 but created with a stuffed teddy bear.

Now we understand

If you ever had any questions about Thomas the Tank Engine, this answers them

Chicken claw

This brings up some questions of food poisoning

Big smile

It must have been a slow news day

Superheroes of a different kind

Perfect for anyone who loves bread

Putin swims with the Dolphins

How could this even be real?

A strange flashback

This is the new station I would want to watch

Some people thrive on this stuff

This brings up a lot of interesting questions

Source: Distractify

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