Happily married couple considers divorce to pay for daughter’s health care costs

Most of us know the struggle of providing for our families and falling short on money to pay the bills.  Jake Grey and his wife Maria have found themselves in this dilemma for months.  The couple is happily married with two little girls, but even though they are happily married they are finding themselves considering divorce the reason why is making headlines all over.

The couples say they’re more in love today than they were when they first married 9 years ago. Unfortunately,  that doesn’t change their situation.

It’s because of the children the parents to two daughters, 6-year-old Brighton and 2-year-old Fairen are considering taking this action.

The oldest daughter,  Brighton was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, which requires 24 hour care. The couple tried to get Medicaid to help them with medical costs. However,  because of Jake’s $40,000  a year salary(he’s a veteran) he earns too much to qualify. The Greys also applied for state assistance but don’t expect to receive any help there either because the waiting list is long and they are number 60,000.

This is why the couple is contemplating divorce. Then Maria can qualify for Medicaid as a single, unemployed mother.

“It’s drowning us to try to keep up with her medical expenses. We’ve done everything we can do to try to keep her afloat, and we’re going to reach a point where we can’t do it and we won’t have another option. We don’t know what to do.”

The family hopes that telling their story will help other families and ultimately reach people that can change the laws and give them the help they need for their little girl.

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