Teen Confronts Boyfriend About Pregnancy But His Comeback Brings The Internet To Tears

The moment that a person finds out that they are pregnant is one that they will ever forget. It is a moment that changes lives but for some, that change comes with a lot of stress. That is especially true if they haven’t even graduated high school yet.

The responsibility of raising a child can be a huge weight to carry and when you are a teenager, you may be ill-equipped to carry it. Every once in a while, however, you find a teenager who is able to do more than simply parent a child, they become a great parent. That was the case with Caitlin Fladager.

Caitlin and her boyfriend Noah were dating for a while when she found out she was pregnant. She tried to lean on the adults in her life but they weren’t there as an emotional support. In fact, they shamed her and told her that Noah would be long gone by the time the baby was born.

Rather than sitting idly by, she confronted Noah. She ended up lashing out at him because she was afraid because the adults in her life had not given any reassurance that he would be there for her. Noah was a little upset himself and he just told her that she would have to wait and see what happened.

It didn’t take long before Caitlin got the answer she was waiting for. When their daughter Arianna was born, Noah did not run in the other direction. He was there for her and soon, they were married.

Caitlin shared her thoughts on Twitter:

“My husband was only 17 when I got pregnant with our daughter and I was told to expect him to leave. 4 years ago, when I asked him how he would be different than any other teen dad, he said ‘I guess you’ll have to wait and see so I can show you’ He definitely did.”

As is often the case on social media, they look as if everything is perfect. Like any married couple, they face struggles and Caitlin shares those on social media as well. She suffers from anxiety, feeling as if she is waging a battle in her mind.

Fortunately, she has Noah there by her side. He is also there for their daughter. What she shares with others through social media has been an inspiration to many families who may have been told things will never work out.

Noah has become a great father. He takes his daughter on ‘dates’ to bond with her and to give Caitlin some alone time. He starts by picking out an outfit for her then he brings her flowers. Finally, they go for a bite to eat.

He also has a picture of Arianna on his keychain. She asked him why and he said because it ‘keeps him going’.

This may be a young family but it is a strong family. The adults in their lives weren’t there for them at the beginning, leaving Caitlin feeling alone and afraid. They beat the odds and are still going strong.

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