Hawaii Braces For Dangerous Category 5 Hurricane

Hawaii is a tropical lovers paradise but this week it is a little less inviting, as the Aloha State prepares for one of the worst hurricanes to touch down.

“As of Wednesday morning, Hurricane Lane is around 500 miles to the southwest of the Pacific island chain, and experts warn it could head straight for Hawaii”

Hurricane Lane is currently a category five hurricane, which is the strongest level of hurricane recognized by the National Hurricane Center.

Winds at the center of the storm could reach speeds of 160 miles per hour blowing down trees and power lines in it’s path.

The effects of the hurricane are being felt already at the shores with some of the most powerful wave on the east coast of Hawaii.

Lane’s path will bring up to 20 inches of rain to some parts of the islands, along with extremely destructive flooding.

Landslides in the mountain regions are another concern.

This is just the second time a category five hurricane has hit Hawaii – the last one was Hurricane John in 1994.

“Hurricane Lane is not a well-behaved hurricane,” Ige said in a statement Tuesday.

“I’ve not seen such dramatic changes in the forecast track as I’ve seen with this storm. I urge our residents and visitors to take this threat seriously and prepare for a significant impact.

The strongest part of the storm is expected to start on Thursday, while after effects could last until Saturday.

So far, flights are still running into Hawaii, but there are travel advisories in effect for passengers of American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.  Both airlines are waiving fees for passengers who need to reschedule their flights.

Our prayers go out to everyone in Hawaii we pray you stay safe through the storm!

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