Family Rescue Whale From Certain Death, Afterward She Says ‘Thank You’ In Most Incredible Way

The Great Whale Conservancy works tirelessly to help the marine life that is in need and when Michael Fishbach (the company co-founder) found a humpback whale that fit this description, he and his team wasted no time trying to help. They were simply out for a sail when this rescue took place but they knew that they would have to intervene in order to save the animal’s life.

Initially, they believed that they would simply be pulling the animal’s body free from the fisherman’s net it was caught in. Once the whale rolled over, it became obvious that their initial instinct was incorrect. The whale was still alive but it would not remain alive much longer if no one was willing to help. The fins and tail were trapped so that the whale could not swim away.

The humans who came across the whale knew that they were going to have to work as quickly as possible. The whale could not lift itself up to the surface and was struggling to breathe in a normal fashion. If not for this rescue team’s arrival, the whale was not long for this world. They knew that they had to act. The toughest part was making sure that the whale stayed calm.

Of course, this was easier said than done. As the crew worked on cutting the net, the whale continued to swim and this made the job even harder. They were dragged for at least half a mile before they were finally able to cut through the net. Once they managed to save her, they gave her a new name: Valentina. She was able to realize that these humans were actually there to help during the early stages of the process.

It is a good thing that she was able to recognize their efforts. While she was definitely ready to swim away as soon as she was rescued, she knew that she needed to thank these awesome humans first. We do not wish to ruin the show that she put on for these rescuers. You are simply going to have to watch the clip and see for yourself!

Michael Fisbach even narrates the video so that we can enjoy it even more. Think of it as a director’s commentary of sorts. Be sure to share this awesome story with your closest friends and loved ones as well. All of the animal lovers in your life are definitely going to want to watch this one.

Family Rescues Whale Tangled In Net

This family's boat ride turned into a dramatic whale rescue — and the whale spent an hour thanking them in the most beautiful way! ????????

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, July 5, 2018

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