Vet Says To Euthanize Stray Dog, 3 Months Later Rescuer Transforms Him Into A ‘Teddy Bear’

Everyone likes to see someone go from zero to 100 in life. These types of stories are always going to pique our interests for a variety of reasons. Benji the dog recently experienced his own rags to riches story and he is capturing the heart of readers everywhere. When he was first discovered, he had been forced to live on the street.

His prognosis did not look good as a result. He was cowering on the side of the road and from the looks of it, he had not eaten in quite a while. His skin was infected and his body was covered in open sores. Benji was also infested with mange. Andrea is the woman who found him and when she brought him to the vet, they told her that it would be in her best interests to put him down immediately.

Andrea could not bring herself to do such a thing. In her mind, this dog still had a chance to enjoy a decent life. Instead of listening to the recommendation that the vet offered, she elected to take care of the animal herself. She was not about to give up on Benji. The dog needed a great deal of care, though. The dog needed regular baths and antibiotic injections.

When Andrea found out about the benefits that coconut oil could provide from an anti fungal standpoint, she began to cover the dog’s body in the substance every day. The more time Andrea spent caring for her, the better he got. After awhile, he barely resembled the dog that she had found earlier. He had certainly come a very long way.

Once his fur finished growing back, the transformation was almost entirely complete. The vets who had told her to put the poor pup down were definitely wrong. This story is the surest evidence that we should never be giving up on animals before they have had a chance to enjoy a better life. Benji was removed from the streets and it did not take long for him to become his best self.

Those who are considering taking home a dog of their own should take the time to adopt a pet instead of shopping for one. All it takes is a little bit of work to achieve amazing results and change the life of an animal forever. Be sure to check out the awesome clip below.

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