Heartbreaking Sign Asks Burglar To Return Photos Of Dog’s Last Day Alive

Dogs are some of the most precious creatures on the planet. While there are some who understandable prefer cats, dogs have the sort of loyalty that makes us want to pledge our lives to them. They’re adorable and easy to hang out with as well. Once it comes time to say goodbye to our pals, the process can be heartbreaking. No one wants to bid a close friend adieu.

That’s what makes this story such a heartbreaking one. A pet owner who had nothing left of their dog but their memories was recently the victim of a burglary. As anyone who has ever experienced a burglary can tell you, all of the material items can be replaced with relative ease. It is the sentimental losses that are the toughest for a person to get over.

Take the dog owner in this story, for instance. Their home was robbed and they lost a very important memory card in the process. This memory card had all of their final photos of their beloved dog. In fact, these photos were taken on the very last day of the dog’s life. To say that they were important to the owner would be a major understatement.

In an effort to get the lost photos back, the person resorted to an interesting gambit: they posted an open letter. The letter made a very simple request. The burglar was free to keep all of the truly valuable items that they had stolen. All the person wanted back was the photos. This is certainly understandable, isn’t it? After all, what burglar is actually going to give back cash?

The note was found on an Ontario lamppost. The burglar is given the address of the home and urged to return the photos in a discreet manner. The Internet was beyond touched by the gesture. They have been sharing the letter like hotcakes, hoping to get the attention of the parties responsible. We can only hope that their efforts are eventually successful.

Robberies happen. They are an unfortunate aspect of life. However, no one deserves to lose access to valuable memories because of them. This is not something that anyone should ever have to experience. If you would like to help this dog owner locate some of their most precious memories, please be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate, share away!

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