Nobody Will Adopt This Cat Because Of His Cute Habit

This is the story of a Sussex, England stray cat. Elliot was having a very rough go of things until one Good Samaritan decided to intervene. The stray was more than happy to be off the streets but there was one problem. The forever home that had been found for Elliot was not quite right. The owner was allergic to the cat and had to give him back.

This was not what they wanted to do but their hands were essentially tied. It is always heartbreaking to see well meaning owners who are forced to surrender an animal. Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Center has become Elliot’s new home. He has been residing here for the past few months. While he may be a senior cat now, he is still one of the sweetest animals that you could ever hope to meet.

Unfortunately, the shelter has isolated the reason for his continued residency. The poor fellow has a permanent case of the sneezes. In a world where it is already hard enough for senior animals to find loving homes, a sneezing cat is a tough sell. Many visitors believe that there is something seriously wrong with Elliot. This causes them to bypass him completely.

The cat’s sneezing has been brought on by a condition known as rhinitis. There are days when he is able to avoid the sneezes but there are also days when it becomes very difficult for him to control. Of course, this serves as a powerful deterrent for those who are looking to adopt. The cat is also experiencing damage to his nose because of the sneezes.

Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Center deputy manager Tania Marsh has issued a public statement about the cat’s well being. She refers to him as a “happy, affectionate chap”. She goes on to say that she believes he will make an excellent pet for anyone who is looking to take him in. He is in need of a forever home and it is high time that he was able to find one.

He loves to cuddle and gets along well with other pets. Elliot does not understand why he is different from all of the others. In his mind, he is just as worthy of a forever home as they are. If you’re interested in adopting Elliot, you can contact Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Center for more information at 

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