Heartbroken Dog Acts Hysterical After Recognizing A Scent He Thought He’d Never Smell Again

When Paquito’s friend passed away, he left behind a major void. While the passing of a close friend can be very painful, their memories still live on long after they are gone. Paquito had developed a close bond with Evlyn’s uncle during the course of his life. They were constant companions and they spent almost every waking moment by each other’s side.

Her uncle brought Paquito everywhere with him. Once he passed on, the dog did not know what to do without his pal. While Paquito’s family was willing to help him through it, there was nothing that they could do to replace his friend. When Evlyn’s aunt was going through some boxes of her deceased husband’s possessions, the most incredible thing happened.

Paquito seemed to instantly sense what was going on. He knew what was happening and his instincts did not fail him. The boxes had become wet because of a recent storm. When the clothes were removed so that they could dry, the pup sprung into action. He saw all of the clothes laying on the floor and sprinted into the room so that he could enjoy some cuddles.

He must have detected his friend’s scent or perhaps he simply knew those clothes from memory. Paquito laid down on top of them and spent a great deal of time sniffing them. Moments like these serve as a reminder of life’s frailty. We simply never know when we are going to lose the people that are closest to us. Of course, Paquito did not want to leave the clothes alone.

This emotional moment may move some to tears. We know that we had a hard time holding it together when we first saw this clip. Once we lose someone close to us, it can be hard to move on. Having a chance to spend one more moment with them is something that we do not all get to do. There is a certain beauty that comes with a moment like this one.

Be sure to share it with the loved ones that you care about the most. Our loved ones may pass on but they are never truly gone when we are able to find a way to remember them. Paquito may have lost his best friend but he still has a loving family who cares about him deeply. After all, that is what counts most.

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