Stray Cat Is Scared Of Humans Until She Meets Newborn Baby

A small and frightened cat was spotted on the streets of Ontario and it was clear to see that the animal had seen better days. The stray cat was having a rough go of it. Finally, a kind citizen decided to intervene. It was time for the cat to enjoy a better life. When the cat was finally gathered up, the time that she had spent running the streets had taken its toll.

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary was more than happy to step up to the plate and provide the cat with a home. Carla Reilly Moore is responsible for running the sanctuary (along with her husband) and they aim to help animals that have experienced extreme abuse and/or neglect. Once the cat came to their sanctuary, they gave her an awesome new name: Sapphire.

Sapphire was definitely happy to be free of the concerns that come with living on the streets. However, there were much bigger problems that she was going to have to overcome if she was going to be able to enjoy a happier existence. Her eyes were infected and she was walking with a limp. Her pelvis was broken and there was no microchip to provide further information.

No one knows what happened. She may have been struck by a vehicle or she may have experienced abuse. While Carla had recently given birth to a child of her own, she knew that she needed to come through for Sapphire. She was going to be the newest member of this happy family. The transition from street cat to loving family member was easier than some might think.

Sapphire was ready to leave the streets behind and find a home that she could call her own. The sanctuary typically does not deal with house pets. They are more geared towards the assistance of farm animals. Moore still felt compelled to step in, though. Sapphire soon developed a close relationship with her husband and newborn baby. This is what let her know that she had made the right choice.

Sapphire and little Mary started to take naps together on a regular basis. It got to a point where they simply could not sleep without being wrapped up together. Sapphire may have needed a home but this family also needed her. Kind of funny how these things always seem to work out in the end, right? Please share this touching story with your friends and loved ones.

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