Dog Returned For Being ‘Bad With Kids’ Proves Everyone Wrong

Some dogs get a bad rap for no good reason at times and we do not care for that practice. Duke the bulldog is a victim of this type of behavior. He is a sweet dog who was found wandering next to a highway in Charlotte. Roberta first met the dog as a stray. When no one was willing to come forward and claim him, she decided to foster him in the meantime.

The Greater Charlotte SPCA facilitated the process. After three months, Duke’s old family came forward and claimed that he was their pet. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that Duke’s former family had treated him very poorly. They did not allow him inside of the home and videos surfaced of them abusing Duke mercilessly. It is believed that this abuse is responsible for Duke’s more compulsive behaviors.

Duke may have seemed out of control to some but it is not his fault. He was simply raised poorly and it is out of his hands. Once Roberta had the chance to care for him, she realized that the poor dog was not able to control his behavior because he was dealt a bad hand. She is an experienced foster mother and she knows how to handle dogs like our pal Duke here.

6 year old trains her pack of pit mixes and begador, including her foster dog, Duke, who was dumped by adoptive family for not being good with kids after living with the adoptive family for THREE years!While Duke shows no aggression to other dogs or kids we want a home for him that has no kids or dogs so he can get the structured environment he needs. He loves to run so a family that can provide regular runs would be the perfect fit! Duke is fully trained by a professional trainer and he tries very hard to please his people. All he needs is the right family, one that will give him what he needs and not dump him. Curtis Griner

Posted by Roberta Sá Griner on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Roberta also knew that it would take some training before Duke was ready to have a forever home. He was fairly well behaved when he was allowed indoors but once he went outside, he became an absolute terror. The process of taking him for a walk became very harrowing. It was clear to see that Roberta’s work was cut out for her.

She was not about to give up on this sweet pup, though. She knew Duke’s heart and she knew that she could get through to him one way or another. The training process was arduous but she eventually found a family that was willing to carry on tradition. Roberta was sure to let the family know that they would need to continue to assist Duke in the same manner that she had.

Posted by Roberta Sá Griner on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

When that family could not keep Duke after a few years, Roberta paid to have him sent to a special facility. Once he completed the program, the family took him back in. Her three little girls have developed a close bond with Duke and he listens to what he is told. He always had it in him and now he is enjoying an awesome life with his new little pals!

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