Woman Mad About Her Breakup Starves Ex-Boyfriend’s Puppy Until It’s Barely Alive

This South Carolina woman recently endured a bad breakup. While most of us tend to cope with these things by eating too much, drinking too much or whining too much, she decided that she was going to take another approach. She and her boyfriend broke up and she maintained possession of his dog. Instead of continuing to feed the animal, she elected to starve the pooch.

We cannot believe that someone who already owns dogs that they were feeding each day would behave in such a manner. The 16 month old dog was starved to the point where his ribs began to show. By the time the animal was found, he was covered in maggots as well. Champ was supposed to weigh 110 pounds but this deranged woman allowed his weight to dwindle.

Courtesy Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Champ only weighed 50 pounds by the time he was finally found. He was left outside for at least six months and it is believed that he went at least one month without food to eat. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office saw fit to intervene. The woman, who is named Elizabeth, was arrested for her atrocious behavior and released on bond.

Elizabeth James was arrested last night!

Posted by Justice for Champ on Friday, August 17, 2018

Why she would do this is beyond us. We fully understand having ill will for an ex (believe us) but we are not sure what she was accomplishing by treating an animal who did nothing wrong to her this poorly. Even the other dogs who were receiving meals each day must have been wondering why she was refusing to feed the other fellow. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC decided to step up and provide Champ with a decent place to stay.

Posted by Justice for Champ on Sunday, August 19, 2018

If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, we wonder what would have became of this poor dog. There are not a lot of people who would be willing to take on the task of nursing a malnourished dog back to health. His body was not even able to produce red blood cells at a typical rate by the time he was found. It would take a sizable amount of time and effort before he was back to normal.

You can visit their page on Facebook if you would like to learn more about the progress that Champ has been able to make. In time, he will be ready to live in a forever home where he is going to be treated in the manner that he deserves. Kudos to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for being willing to help out during this dog’s hour of need!

Happy Monday from Champ who continues to do amazing! He’s off IV & on all oral meds & he can stand & walk on his own! His transformation has been amazing over the past 2 weeks. We are thrilled for this amazing dog who continues to defy the odds! ????????????????????

Posted by Justice for Champ on Monday, August 27, 2018

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