M&M’s Is Rolling Out A New Flavor And The Internet Is Going Nuts

We have many choices when it comes to candy but M&Ms have always held a special place in many of our lives. They may be tiny but the flavor they provide is delicious and sometimes, larger-than-life. They have been popular for many years and even new candy lovers adore them.

When you think about the fact that the brand has been in existence since the 1940s, many people remember them fondly from their childhood. In addition, they come out with new flavors on a regular basis and it always proves to be exciting when they do so. For example, last year they came out with caramel M&Ms and people went crazy for them. This year, they just upped their game in a big way.

Mars Inc. has announced a new flavor of M&Ms and it feels as if everything in our life is coming together perfectly.

For everyone who loves Nutella (and who doesn’t), this new announcement about delicious colorful candies filled with hazelnut spread is almost too much to bear. Admittedly, they aren’t adding Nutella but it is going to taste very similar.

In addition, Nutella made the announcement that the recipe changed last year so the new flavor may become your new favorite!

In other words, you have a lot of flavor that melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

The reaction to the news has been all thumbs up:

The company also has more good news to share. If you have always loved M&Ms, you’re going to adore their new milk chocolate bars.

Those new flavors include milk chocolate, crispy almond, peanut, and crispy mint flavors. Each of the candy bars has tiny M&Ms inside.

You will be able to purchase these new candy bars by December.

If you are anticipating the taste of Hazelnut Spread M&Ms, don’t get your taste buds revved up quite yet. You will not find them on the shelves until April 2019. We will be standing in line.

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