Hippo Lets Out World’s Biggest Fart

Anyone who has seen a hippopotamus before has probably marveled at the sheer size of the creature. These animals take up a great deal of space and they are the giants of their kingdom. However, they are also known for something else. Did you know that these creatures are actually known for being some of the most flatulent animals in the entire world?

In fact, the hippo actually holds the world’s record for farting. While we have yet to look this up for ourselves, we are sure that this YouTube description would not lie to us. Once you see the clip for yourself, you will also find it hard to believe that another animal could possibly outdo the hippo in this regard. It is as if they are custom made to break wind.

The most disturbing aspect of this video is that there are over 20 million people who saw fit to watch it. The comments are priceless, by the way. People really sat down to check out this video and they offered some honest opinions. Some wondered if the hippo needed to use the restroom or not. Others found themselves marveling at the sheer scale of the hippo.

One of the commentators had an interesting point of view on the clip. They said that the hippo was only behaving in such a manner as a form of self defense. The hippo may have simply decided to crop dust this crowd as a means of making them go away. While we would never behave in such a way, we can totally understand where the animal is coming from.

People are just the worst sometimes. We all have our days where we wish that everyone would go away and this hippo is going to act on those impulses. We applaud the creature for being willing to be himself at all times. This is a defensive behavior that is always going to have a high level of effectiveness. If you would like to see it for yourself, check out the video below.

Once you have watched the hippo pass gas, be sure to pass it along. Your friends and loved ones are not too sophisticated to get a huge belly laugh out of this, believe us. This hippo is definitely providing each of these visitors with the sort of experience that they will never be able to forget.

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