Goats Are Being Removed From A National Park After Becoming Addicted To Human Pee

When we stop to think about national parks, our minds tend to drift to a certain place. We imagine what it would be like to frolic in nature and we find ourselves picturing all of the beautiful animals that reside in these locations. However, one national park has found itself dealing with a very strange issue when it comes to their mountain goat population.

These animals have developed a rather strange addiction and the staffers at Olympic National Park are now forced to grapple with it. Mountain goats are some of the most prolific climbers known to man. They also have a phenomenal sense of smell. These two traits combine to create one massive issue. The goats have become hopelessly addicted to the urine of humans.

When the goats were first introduced to this park (which is located in Washington state), no one accounted for the fact that they would not be able to track down the salt that they crave. This forced the goats to make some tough decisions along the way. The goats soon realized that the humans who walked the trails are able to provide the necessary salt.

They began to subsist off of the urine that was left behind by those who needed to relieve themselves while hiking. The goats can often be found in any area of the park where humans are sweating or urinating. This sort of frantic search is not the norm for goats and is the product of having spent too much time around the humans who visit the park.

Visitors are now being placed in danger. After a fatal goring took place earlier this decade, park officials decided that it was time to take serious action. The goats will also munch on soils and plants when they cannot get their fix. This has a negative effect on the vegetation. Now, they are being rounded up and taken to other forests so that they can spread out a bit.

The forests are native to goats, allowing them to find the necessary nutrients without potentially injuring or killing a human in the process. Over 600 goats are going to be removed from the park. By the time the relocation is completed, at least 90 percent of the goats that were found in this location will be gone. Hopefully, the goats are going to be much happier in their brand new digs.

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