Dog Sees Boy Struggle With Piñata And Decides To Finish The Job Himself

When this little boy got his chance to take a few whacks at a Super Mario pinata, he knew what needed to be done. Unfortunately, the pinata did not exactly want to cooperate. This is where the assistance of a helpful dog would certainly come in handy. The early footage suggests that the boy had done all he could. He unleashed a series of blows that would have decimated a lesser pinata.

This pinata was not going to budge, though. It would take a more convincing challenger. The adorable dog who was looking on as the boy delivered blow after blow to the Mario pinata would have to do. Once this canine hero saw that the child needed help, he elected to intervene immediately. This decision led to one of the most adorably hilarious moments that we have ever seen.

The clip that you are about to see will have you roaring with laughter. The boy is clearly swinging at the pinata with all of his might. He is trying his absolute best to take down the candy filled Mario and you can sense his frustration starting to build. Luckily, his pal is on hand to save the day. You can just tell from the look on the dog’s face.

Once the dog decided to get involved, the pinata was not going to survive for very long. The boy even continues to swing after the dog is in the picture but to no avail. Finally, the dog lunges at the pinata and starts to do the job for him. This is one pinata that is not built to withstand the unique level of rage that this dog has to offer.

The happy dog goes from looking innocent one second to being a trained killer the next. The shift in demeanor is almost too much to bear. When the pinata finally breaks open and candy showers down on the crowd, it is like a moment out of a movie. We shudder to think of how long it would have taken this boy to get the pinata down if the dog had not helped.

If you laughed as loudly as we did when the dog started to shred the pinata, be sure to share this clip with your friends and loved ones. Whether you are a lover of dogs, candy or both, you are definitely going to appreciate this hysterical clip. We just hope that the boy wasn’t too upset by the dog’s actions.

Perrito en pinata

Cuando tu perrito decide que los invitados ya no esperen más por los dulces de la piñata ????

Posted by Chuchito GT on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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