Dog Dumped With 2-Pound Chain On Neck Crawled To Rescuers For Help

Leslie Ysuhuaylas was on another rescue mission when she came across the titular dog. The pup was all of one year old and was saddled with a heavy chain that kept her from being able to move about in the proper manner. Leslie knew that she would need to intervene if the dog was going to make it out alive. Her prognosis was definitely not good when she was found.

Rebecca Callister was also along for the trip. The two women headed to a neighborhood in eastern Texas to find out more about other dogs in the area that needed to be rescued. As New Life IFS Rescue’s animal services director, she has seen a lot during the course of her career. This dog still sticks out in her mind, though. The pup had been reduced to crawling by the time she was found.

The massive chain was weighing her down and she did not seem to be very trustful of humans. No one could blame her, considering her current circumstances. The dog was underweight as well. At first, it was assumed that the dog was a stray. After further investigation, it was revealed that the animal actually had an owner who was simply not going to bother to take care of her.

Leslie and Rebecca decided to speak with the owner about the matter. At this time, the owner agreed to relinquish possession of the dog to them. The animal would finally receive a chance at a decent life. She was renamed Dudette and was freed of her cumbersome chain. There were still markings left on her neck after it was taken off.

This was no way for a dog to live. The other dogs on the property went with her to be tested. They spent the night at Leslie’s. A parasitic infection was eventually discovered in all of the dogs but they were able to pull through with no major issues. New Life IFS Rescue provided Dudette with the foster care that she needed once her treatment was complete.

Her name is Angel now and she grows more and more confident with each day that passes. Coco the dog is sharing the home with her. She is slowly bringing Angel out of her shell. She will eventually be ready to be adopted into a forever home. Contact the good people at New Life IFS Rescue if you would like to find out more about how you can help this lovable girl.

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