Senior Pit Bull Caught On Camera Doing The Sweetest Thing When Home Alone

When dogs are left to their own devices, there is no telling what type of mischief they will get into. They have all of that time to kill and no one to hang out with. It is no wonder why they find themselves getting into trouble. The senior pit bull in this story is looking to eliminate those sorts of stereotypes. Their owner made a discovery that is truly precious.

As it turns out, our dogs are not all looking to get into trouble when we pull out of the driveway. Lexi was left alone and the security camera footage that the family got to enjoy surely says it all. Instagram users have already been charmed by her antics and now it is time for the rest of the world to find out more about Lexi’s adorable behaviors.

Of course, the sweetness does come with a side of mischief. The family had left a pile of blankets folded on the sofa and Lexi wasted no time destroying their handiwork. We are not sure what it is about a good folding job that brings out the rude side of our pets but she is too cute to be mad at. Once this important task was complete, she vanished down the hallway.

What would she be doing now? Surely, she would be finding more trouble to get into. After all, this is what dogs do when we are not looking. They raise all sorts of hell and then look at us with their cute faces when they realize that they are in hot water. Not this dog, though. She had a completely different idea in mind and we adore her for it.

She went and got her paws on her father’s shoe. She was not going to rip it up or cause any havoc, however. All she wanted was a cuddle or two. No one was going to stop her from getting what she wanted. Fortunately, no one seems to mind what she decided to do here. How could you possibly be upset with a senior pit bull who is this adorable?

Be sure to check out this awesome Instagram post that captures the moment. Lexi’s Instagram account already has over 100,000 followers. When you take the time to check out this video of her in action, you will see this particular post has already reeled in over 30,000 likes.

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