Homeless man had to chose between a warm bed and his dog, so he threw away his bed


Please note that names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. Pickles and Marcus were two good friends who were forced to survive on the streets. They spent their days in the Skid Row district of the city of Los Angeles, a tough area where it can be difficult to even envision tomorrow.

They were able to come together and escape life on the streets, thanks to their grit and perseverance. Marcus was eventually able to get his life back in order and find a house to live in, but there was just one problem: he was not going to have enough room to bring Pickles along for the ride.


The one room home he moved into did not have very much space and from the looks of it, Pickles was going to have to remain homeless for a little while longer. Marcus had a tough choice to make and while the home was not very spacious, he decided to lean his mattress up against the wall and use the space to house Pickles.

John Hwang takes photographs of Skid Row and had become friends with Marcus over the years. He went to visit Marcus’ new place and had no choice but to document this man’s incredible level of selflessness.


Hwang took notice of the mattress upon entering Marcus’ apartment and when he asked the man where he was sleeping, he merely pointed to the floor. In the mind of Marcus, this was just a small sacrifice to make for his best friend in the whole world.

This is a story that needs to be shared with friends and family as soon as possible. If you have a dog that has been a friend to you during your toughest times, you can probably relate to this amazing tale and we certainly hope the best for Marcus and Pickles in the future.


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