20 dogs that don’t understand how giant they really are

Dogs love to receive affection from us, however, our dogs do not always understand their own size. While these animals are seemingly unaware of their size, we still find them absolutely adorable and so will you! Please be sure to share these awesome doggies with all the animal aficionados in your life.

Staying in bed all day? This dog’s definitely got the right idea, if you ask us.

We are unsure which one is the dog and which one is the pony….to be quite honest.

No one envies this poor mobile groomer, that much is definitely for certain.

An 80 pound dog who still actively enjoys being held? Now we’ve seen it all!

This big buddy is one of the most loyal pals that we have ever had the privilege of meeting.

Oh, what’s that, you say? Too big to be a lap dog? Whatever.

With a mane like this one, this big ‘ol dog looks more like a lion than a canine to us.

We are jealous of this woman and her massive Irish wolfhound. With a dog like this one, all of those cold and lonely nights are bound to become a thing of the past.

Maynard is already taller than his owner by the age of 3. How much bigger can he get?

If this dog had their way, they would probably ask their owner to buy a bigger couch.

We do not have the exact statistics in front of us, but this just may be the world’s largest pitbull.

With a guard dog like this one, how could anyone ever live in fear?

Since this dog has outgrown their chair, they’ve got no choice but to sit like people.

Because you’re never too big to enjoy a good old fashioned piggyback ride.

These two are best friends forever and their joy is absolutely infectious.

This giant dog looks like he might be trying to pull away from this silly man’s hug and we hope that he doesn’t make the mistake of holding on for too long.

If you’ve never owned a Great Dane, this picture is definitely a ringing endorsement.

130 pounds is not too big for a lap dog, if you let Bailey tell it.

This family is going to have to be very vigilant about how they handle their kitchen.

Big boys can always use some love, too!

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