Homeless Senior Dog Picks His First Meal In Heartwarming Video

Bosco has spent the majority of his life residing in one household. As a senior dog, he was not prepared to deal with his family’s carelessness. One day, they up and decided that they were not going to offer him a place to stay anymore. They moved away and left poor Bosco to fend for himself. How could anyone ever abandon such an adorable face?

After his heartless family left him behind, Bosco has had to overcome many obstacles. For starters, the family even tried to have him euthanized! The great people at Marley’s Mutts decided to step him.

They would not allow Bosco to experience such a rate. In fact, they gave the dog a brand new place to stay. He could come with them and enjoy a new life on a ranch in California.

That sounds like a pretty nice consolation prize, doesn’t it? While it was nice to get off the streets and have a decent place to live, Bosco would need a bit more. Marley’s Mutts wanted to make sure that he would be able to find a forever home that was all his own. Their sanctuary served as the bridge between his former owners and the new family that would be taking him in.

Stories like these serve as a valuable reminder of the importance of adopting senior dogs. These animals do not always receive the same chances.

They are often neglected because they are not considered to be as vibrant or fun as their younger counterparts. Rocky Kanaka was contacted by the rescue group and he was glad to lend Bosco a hand in finding a home.

As the host of Dog’s Day Out, he specializes in such things. He took the dog out for one of his trademark shopping sprees. While the video received plenty of traction, the requests did not come pouring in as hoped.

Finally, Rocky came up with the perfect idea. He would record a clip of the dog selecting ingredients for their very own home-cooked meal.

This was the first time Bosco had ever had someone cook for him like this. As you would have imagined, he was grateful for the experience. We are not going to spoil the rest of the experience for you, though.

If you would like to see what happened next, be sure to take a closer look at the clip below and pass it along to all of your friends and loved ones.

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