Puppy Dumped In A Box Wagged Her Tail In Hopes Someone Might Hear Her

One man recently came across a puppy who he will not soon forget. The animal was left inside of a box and the box had been taped shut. To top it all of, the box was then tossed inside of a dumpster. The animal had been brutally beaten. If she had not been able to wag her tail loud enough for this man to hear, no one would have ever known she was inside.

That is how thin the line can be sometimes. Animal abandonment has consequences. Sally’s thumping tail saved her life and now she is able to enjoy a well deserved second chance. She was just four months old when she was found. She had been cast aside as if she had never meant anything to anyone. This moment turned out to be the catalyst for something much greater.

She was in critical condition at first. The animal was brought to the emergency room, where she was found to be suffering from a laundry list of ailments. “Her paws are so swollen and very painful to the touch,” a rescuer said at the time. Her dehydration and fever had also left her in a very vulnerable position. Even though she was in clear pain, her vibrant spirit carried on.

The rescuers say that they had never seen an animal’s tag like hers did. Sally’s had to spend some time in foster care. She was given a place to stay, so that she could continue to travel to and from her appointments. The recovery period was a long one but her rescuers had the utmost confidence in her. Their faith never wavered. They knew that she was not the type to give up very easily.

Even when she was in the most pain that an animal could experience, she remained the same happy dog. Now, she is all better and spending time in her brand new forever home. Sally has her awesome foster family to thank for what has taken place. They gave her the tools that she needed to be the very best dog she can be.

We are happy to see that her story has taken such a happy turn. There are too many dogs who are abandoned and left behind. Let’s all do our part to make stories like Sally’s a thing of the past. Be sure to take a moment to pass this bit of good news along to your friends and loved ones.

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