Truck Driver Tried Rescuing Dog He Found On Dirt Road, Ends Up Rescuing Elderly Man

This tow truck driver thought that he was doing the right thing by helping out an animal in need. Little did he know what would happen next! The dog’s owner was actually the one who was most in need of assistance. Martin was in rural California when the events took place. He was en route to a Coulterville, California call and was traveling down a good old fashioned dirt road.

When Martin first arrived on the scene, he tried his best to lure the dog in his direction. He even offered the animal a sandwich. The dog would not budge, though. What animal would pass up a free meal so easily? As Martin got closer, he learned the truth. The dog was tired and clearly worried. Finally, he realizes what the source of the dog’s problems are.

He was prepared to leave when he finally heard the cry from the man trapped on the other side of the embankment. He was injured from the fall and needed help. The dog had been doing their best to alert others but there was only so much they could do. Unfortunately, the old man had been laying there for several hours. He had gone out for a walk and lost his way.

Chico was the name of his protector. The man’s other dog had gone off to look for others who could help. Martin eventually realized that the best course of action would be to find the old man’s wife. She must have been worried sick, wondering about the whereabouts of her husband. The old man’s name is Paul and we are proud to report that he is safe and sound.

If not for the help of his trusty dogs, who knows what might have happened? Kudos to Martin for taking the time to stop, as well. There are some people who would have simply kept right on driving. Martin is not one of them, though. This tow truck driver is modest about the help that he provided. He does not consider himself to be some kind of heroic rescuer.

We would politely beg to differ, though. This is one of the more amazing rescues that we have ever seen. Good job, Chico! Him and Martin came together to form the rescue team that this man needed and found him in the nick of time. Those looking to learn more about what took place are more than welcome to check out the link below.

Dog triggers rescue

#1 It's no surprise that this INCREDIBLE video of a loyal dog staying by his owner's side on a remote California road was the WRAL top post of 2018!

Posted by WRAL TV on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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