What Was This Hungry Orangutan’s Secret?

Stories like these remind us of the importance of saving animals from unfair circumstances. Take this orangutan, for instance. This is the type of story that will definitely turn a bad day into a good one. Her name is Rose and she lives in Indonesia. Gunung Leuser National Park rescuers noticed some issues taking place and they alerted rescuers immediately.

They were quick to tell the rescuers about an overly emaciated orangutan that was wandering about. Rose is definitely a special animal because she did not run when she was approached. Most wild animals would have sprinted in the other direction but not her. Perhaps she was simply tired of being hungry. Or maybe she is the type of animal who is willing to trust humans.

It was clear to see that something was wrong with her and so the rescuers took her away from the area as quickly as possible. Panut Hadisiswoyo is the founding director of Orangutan Information Center and they were responsible for organizing the rescue team. Orangutans should never be allowed to roam freely on farmland like this because they are risking getting shot by those who are looking to protect their crops.

Because they are viewed as pests that need to be eliminated, farmers typically have no qualms about shooting first and asking questions later. The wildlife who are in these areas have no means of protecting themselves. When the rescuers took a closer look at Rose, they noticed that she was nursing serious injuries in addition to her emaciation.

She was tranquilized by the rescuers and brought in for further treatment. It was at this time that they discovered her secret: she had been shot. They found two separate holes inside of the animal’s torso. As it turns out, she had been shot by an air rifle in the past. Once they performed an X-ray on the animal, they learned that she actually had five different bullets inside of her.

None of her vital organs were struck. As a result of this good fortune, it is believed that she is going to make a complete and total recovery. The rescue team does not want to release her back into the wild because they believe she will get shot again while searching for food. We hope that her recovery goes well and that she is able to move on from this harrowing experience as soon as possible.

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