Husband and wife stumble across a spider eating an entire possum

This is the story of a husband and wife who recently received the fright of their lives. They found a spider and this would be insane enough. Most of us are not fans of spiders and understandably so. Who likes spiders, anyways? However, there is much more to this story. Justine was traveling with her husband and they were in the process of making their way to Mt. Field.

Their journey was interrupted by one of the most terrifying sights that a person could ever see. A huntsman spider was helping themselves to some dinner. This may seem innocent enough to most readers. After all, even the creepy and crawly animals out there still have to find nourishment. This spider’s choice of cuisine is what was truly stunning, though.

A pygmy possum was being devoured by the spider. The couple could not allow the moment to pass without taking photos. Once they snapped a photo of the scene that was unfolding in front of them, they posted it online. Facebook users who came across the post were absolutely flabbergasted. Those who would like to see more are welcome to visit the Tasmanian insects and spiders page.

We are fine, though, thank you! This is all the fright that we can endure today. Those who decided to leave comments did not feel the same way as we do. Someone even called it a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Someone else declared that they wanted to see the battle that had taken place. This poor little possum deserved better and we are sad on their behalf.

We never thought that we would see the day where we decided to feel sorry for a possum. Spiders can have that effect on people, though. If we had been there for this one, we would have jumped in and helped out the possum! Those who wish to learn more about this story are welcome to check out the Facebook post for themselves. We wish that we had just taken the couple’s word for it.

If you are anything like us, you are going to have some serious nightmares tonight. Please take a moment to pass this along to the squeamish friends and loved ones who are most freaked out by spiders of this size. You know the rules. If you saw it, then everyone else needs to suffer right along with you. That’s just the way that it goes!

Source: DailyMail

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