Over 1,000 Corgis flooded a San Francisco beach for ‘Corgi Con’ and the photos are adorable

If you are anything like us, you are already searching for a flight to California. Corgi Con may sound like the stuff that dreams are made of but we are here to let you know that this event is as real as they come. Those who wish to visit California and are not looking to head to Hollywood will want to head to Ocean Beach. This is where Corgi Con takes place.

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Struttin my stuff at corgicon ???? #corgicon #corgicon2019

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This event has been taking place for five years now. Corgis flock from all over the country to strut their stuff. We cannot get over all of the cuteness that is on display here. “Corgis look really funny but Corgis don’t know they look really funny,” says Alaina. As a Corgi owner, she is definitely qualified to make such a statement. We can’t help but agree.

The Corgi is one of the most lovable dogs on the planet and this is a major reason why. They are unaware of how adorable they are and this only serves to make them even more adorable. The convention is about more than taking some cute photos, though. There are no shortage of events for humans and their Corgi counterparts to enjoy. Can you believe that there is even a “Ninja Warrior” competition?

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Did you see me at CorgiCon SF this year? Major dad vibes this year! Where is my Mimosa? ????

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Costume contests, group photos, races…it is safe to say that this convention has it all. Instagram is the home of many of these group photos, as you would expect. We have definitely fallen down a few Instagram rabbit holes in our time and cute dog photos are usually the primary culprit. The event has taken on a life of its own. Other cities are now trying their best to get in on the act.

Even Corpus Christi has decided to host their own Corgi Con. We will not rest until every city in America has followed suit. Did you know that the original Corgi Con actually takes place twice a year? If you missed out on the June event, you are able to schedule a trip in October. Readers from all over the world are probably hoping that this event crosses over to their side of the pond.

We would love to live in a world where the Corgi Con is a common event. This is one of the most miraculous things that we have ever seen. There has never been so much cuteness in one place and we are beside ourselves. Please take time to share!

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