Husband Goes Against Hospital’s Rules And Sneaks Dog Into The Hospital To See Dying Wife One Last Time

Breaking the rules is never advisable. In most scenarios, they are put into place for a very good reason. However, there are some moments in life that require us to bend them ever so slightly. It is up to us to decide when these moments occur. The husband in this story recently learned this lesson firsthand when his wife was hospitalized.

A Reddit user shared this touching story about the necessity of bending the rules sometimes. His wife was on her deathbed after a very invasive surgery. While she could still communicate, she was on life support. Pain pills and an IV were all that kept her going. All she had was one final request for her husband and it was an understandable one.

She just wanted to see her dog one last time. There was just one problem. Bella was not exactly the type of dog that you could just stick in someone’s handbag. The Australian Shepherd tipped the scales at 50 pounds…at least. How in the name of all that is holy was this loyal husband supposed to make this wish come true? He had his work cut out for him, for sure.

Fortunately, the man’s wife was residing in a private area of the hospital and this made his job infinitely easier. The plan was to place the dog inside of a suitcase. The dog was told to remain quiet and that the suitcase would be opened in a few minutes. Bella seemed to sense what was going on. She remained silent as the husband passed by the nurses’ station.

The staff allowed him into the room. They were none the wiser about the contents of the suitcase. Bella was finally sprung from the suitcase and laid on the woman’s lap. She knew that it was time to say goodbye. She even stayed quiet while she was in the room. There was no barking to be heard. Bella was content to simply moan when she realized her mother was in pain.

A nurse would finally arrive but the display was simply too touching. She promised to remain quiet and did not want the family to get into any trouble for what had taken place. The man’s wife would pass away within a few days. To this day, the man says that Bella expects to go see her mother every time that he grabs the suitcase. Please share this incredible story with your closest friends and loved ones.

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