Identical Twins Caught ‘Fighting’ Inside The Womb During Ultrasound

Sibling rivalry is nothing new, but recently there has been footage of twins that shows two fetuses seemingly “fighting” inside their mother’s womb. The video from China has now gone viral.

The father of the twins, Mr. Tao, has told the local press in the city of Yinchuan, that he filmed the clip late last year during a prenatal check.

The 28-year-old father found it hilarious that his unborn daughters seemed to be “boxing with each other for a few rounds”, but never imaged that they would become “internet stars before being born”.

Since sharing the clip online, his children have been born, and the sassy pair have been nicknamed “Cherry” and “Strawberry”.

After being published on China Daily, the little film has received lots of attention, garnering more than 2.5 million likes and 80,000 comments.

One viewer commented, “Whoever wins [the fight] can be the elder one when they are born.”

Another added, “They fight in [their mother’s] belly, but will love each other when they are born.”

Mr. Tao has also said that this isn’t the first time that the siblings have interacted on ultrasound, as earlier this year, the twins were hugging each other during a visit to the doctors. The proud father said that one twin was hugging the other while his wife underwent an amniotic fluid test.

“We were so touched. The babies were so small and they knew how to look after each other. I believe they will live with each other in harmony when they grow up,” Mr. Tao said.

According to the father, the twins shared the same amniotic sac and placenta, making them monochorionic monoamniotic twins, or “mo-mo twins”. This is one of the rarest types of pregnancy, and only occurs one in every 35,000 to 60,000 pregnancies per year according to TwinsUK.

This also means it’s a very dangerous as both children have their own umbilical cords so there is a risk of them getting tangled, which would prevent proper blood flow. It’s basically one of the risk twin pregnancies possible, with only a 50% chance that the babies survive past 26 weeks. Happily enough, reports claimed that “Cherry” and “Strawberry” were both born on April 8th via C-section.

“The babies have been born safe and sound. It’s their parents’ fortune as well as my fortune. They are the first pair of Mo-Mo twins our hospital has successfully delivered,” said He Lin, the deputy director for the hospital.

We wish “Cherry” and “Strawberry” very long and happy lives.

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