Woman Discovers That A Cat Has Been Breaking Into Her House Every Night

Johanna King lives on Long Island. When she started to experience a nightly intruder, she did not know what to make of things. No one could see who was breaking in.

Her husband tried his best to find the intruder. By the time he made his way to the kitchen, the “burglar” was already gone. At first, the couple believed that they were receiving visits from a fox.

Johanna was not as sure as her husband, though. For starters, she seemed to be going way more cat food than ever before. There was only one way to find out what was taking place.

The couple set up a camera in their kitchen. They hoped that they would have the chance to catch the intruder while they were in action. That’s how the couple came to find out the truth.

As it turns out, their visitor was not a fox at all. A cat was making their way into the home. At least this explains all of the missing cat food! Johanna was a bit baffled by the fact that her animals had not responded poorly to the presence of an unwanted interloper. While there was an initial scuffle, the animals put their differences aside and coexisted.

Perhaps her animals could innately sense that the cat was one of the good guys. The dogs may have been fooled because the cat looks so much like their own, so they are getting a pass here. As for the visiting cat, the animal got used to the layout of the home rather quickly.

“He was walking around like he owned the place!”

This is one confident cat. He learned his way around the house in no time at all. He would even take naps on the family’s dining room table. How can anyone be mad at an animal that is this ballsy?

He plays in the sink and has even spent some time on the couch. You would think that this cat was paying rent to live here by the way he was acting!

We have yet to see a more brazen case of breaking and entering. Now, Johanna is trying to help Hunter the cat find a forever home to call his own. In her mind, the cat chose the perfect house to break into.

If you’re interested in adopting Hunter, you can contact For Our Friends rescue for more information. 

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