Inseparable Senior Dogs Need A Home Where They Can Stay Together Forever

Pee Wee and Zachary once enjoyed a beautiful life with their owners. Once their owners passed on, they were forced to leave their idyllic life and start residing in an animal shelter. Unfortunately, the senior Chihuahuas could not find any room at the crowded shelter that they were first brought to. The good folks at Adoption First Animal Rescue stepped in to help.

They wanted to make sure that no harm came to this lovely senior couple. When they first arrived, it was clear to see that they were a match made in heaven. These two are most definitely a package deal. That is why Adoption First Animal Rescue is making sure that they do not have to be separated for any reason. They’ve spent their entire lives together and have a bond that cannot be broken.

Everyone at the rescue has enjoyed having the chance to get to know them a little bit better. Pee Wee and Zachary spend most of their time curled up together and if they are forced to spend time apart, they become very despondent. These two look to each other for everything. Neither of these senior dogs truly feels safe unless the other is present.

Pee Wee is the shy one of the duo, while Zachary is far more sociable. It takes Pee Wee longer to warm up to people but once she decides that she trusts you, she will cuddle all day. The animal rescue decided that throwing these dogs their own wedding would be the best way to commemorate this bond. The rescue workers thought that these dogs deserved their very own moment in the sun.

They even got to wear their own wedding gear. A dress and tux were donated and don’t they look adorable? After spending years together, it was finally time for these two to make it official. The weather was beautiful and the event went off without a hitch. The couple just has one final request: a forever home where they can spend the rest of their lives.

Let’s all do our part to help them make this dream come true by sharing this story with our closest friends and loved ones. These two deserve to spend the rest of their lives in domestic bliss. A quiet home without any younger children would be best. Contact Adoption First Animal Rescue if you would like to learn more about this awesome couple.

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