Petco Employees Hear Crying In The Bathroom, Find 2 Senior Dogs Abandoned Inside

When an anonymous couple decided to stop by a Michigan Petco on a Saturday night, no one could have ever expected what would happen next. They had two dogs with them and everything seemed to be on the up and up. The two dogs appeared to be a mother and a daughter. The dogs did not have leashes at the time. They were clad in collars and the couple wanted to change that.

Once the staff members went to go find the leashes, the couple went to the bathroom and ditched the dogs! What kind of monsters would do a thing like this? The couple vanished off into the night and the staff members were left to deal with the consequences of their selfish actions. They did not know what had taken place until they heard yelping coming from one of the bathrooms.

The dogs were friendly when they were first found. However, they were also very confused by what had taken place. Why would their owners do this? Was this some sort of game that they were trying to play? The dogs were clearly not well taken care of, either. The staff members looked then over and realized that they were not spayed. Symptoms of heart worms, infection and over breeding were evident.

The dogs were given new names at this time: Marigold and Daffodil. These owners could have contacted any number of local shelters. Instead, they left the dogs in a public bathroom and took off without so much as a second though. Fortunately, these dogs are now in the hands of people who care. P.O.E.T Animal Rescue decided to step in and save the day.

Lauren heard their story and knew that she would need to assist them. Her heart went out to the poor dogs. No one knows the circumstances that led to them being dumped like this but one thing is for sure: this will never happen to them. Marigold and Daffodil are going to be spending time at P.O.E.T Animal Rescue until they are able to find a new forever home.

Please share this story to raise awareness about the plight of these dogs. No animal deserves to be abandoned in such a cruel and unexpected manner. If you would like to learn more about the story of Marigold and Daffodil, be sure to check out the video below and pass it along!

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