Paddle Boarders Notice A Rumbling In The Water And Grabs Camera For Heart Racing Footage

The whale is a majestic creature, isn’t it? These elegant animals are one of nature’s wonders. The whale also tends to intelligent by nature and they enjoy socializing. They are able to live long lives, sing songs, develop close family bonds and have a number of traits that are similar to a human’s. Who wouldn’t want to see one of these animals in their natural habitat?

Until we are able to head out onto the waters to find our own footage, this will have to do. These paddle boarders were able to capture footage of a humpback whale and we are transfixed. This clip was shot in Hawaii. Hawaii is known to many as one of the top locations for whale watching in the world. People come from far and wide to check out all of the whales that reside here.

Those who are looking to spot whales are best served by traveling to Hawaii between the months of December and April. There are thousands of humpback whales in the area at this time. They pass through the region as they make their way to Alaska, the location of their summer feeding grounds. The Maui coastline is one of the more popular locations for visiting whale watchers.

These whales venture to Hawaii to mate, relax and prepare themselves for the seasons ahead. Seasoned whale watchers also love to watch the breaching that takes place. For those who are unfamiliar, breaching is the term that is used to describe a leap out of the waters. It is a typical behavior for the whales that visit the region and it is a sight to behold.

Some of the whales will even use their fins and tails as a means of communicating with the others. The sound waves are then transmitted beneath the surface. We wonder what they are saying to one another in these moments. Hopefully, they understand that the humans are only there to enjoy their presence. Anyone who has ever been able to see a breach live and up close will tell you what a great experience it can be.

Now, we have the chance to check out a breach, without ever having to leave the house. Thanks to the footage that these paddle boarders were able to capture, we now have hours of enjoyment ahead of us. We cannot stop watching this clip and we are sure that you are going to enjoy it as well. Please don’t be shy, share away, people!

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