Jessica Simpson Accused of ‘Milk-Shaming’ Mothers Who Can’t Breastfeed In Her Instagram Post

When you are a celebrity in the public eye, you really need to be careful about what you say. Jessica Simpson seems to have fallen into that trap and now she is being accused of ‘milk shaming’ on Instagram.

It happened when she showed a picture of a full bottle of breast milk that she had recently pumped. The ensuing conversation was probably not what she expected.

Before we talk about the milk shaming, it’s probably a good idea to discuss the milk itself. It is the perfect food for children and it has a lot of things built into it that help to keep children healthy and can even keep mom healthy to a certain extent!

There are antibodies, fats and proteins in the perfect combination to aid your little one through a difficult time in life. Even bodybuilders are known for paying top dollar to juice up, so to speak. When a mother breast-feeds, it also helps to reduce the size of her belly and burns calories naturally. What’s not to love?

Something that is not beneficial about the subject is when mothers who are capable shame mothers who have problems in this area. The topic, known as ‘breast milk shaming’ sometimes rears its ugly head online and when it does, tempers are going to run hot.

There is a problem that some women go through when they are breast-feeding known as mastitis. If you have ever experienced it yourself, you realize just how painful and harmful it can be. It happens when a breast gets clogged with milk because they’re not pumped often enough or because of other issues. It can cause a lot of pain from the mother and can even make the baby sick from ‘spoiled’ milk.

There are also many women who are just not able to produce enough milk naturally for their baby. They want to do it but just can’t. They often feel down on themselves about not being able to provide milk for their baby and it is psychologically damaging. It is difficult to believe that any mother would use it as ammunition, but it does happen.

Some others are firing back at the recent post from Jessica Simpson, saying that she is guilty of it.

Simpson has had some difficulties during the time that she was pregnant and it took a toll on the body. She complained about acid reflux, swollen feet, water retention and everything in between.

When the baby arrives, caring for them can be frustrating as well. You’re basically a food machine for the little one, taking care of them every few hours and not getting much sleep in the middle of the night. They can put a lot of pressure on anyone.

I would imagine that is why she was happy to share a picture of a full bottle of breast milk with the world. She called it a ‘success’ and discussed the little victories of motherhood. When you consider the fact that you are essentially slaving away for another human being during that time, it can be life-altering.

Many people were happy for what Simpson was able to do but others took offense at her choice of words. Some thought that she was condemning other mothers to had to formula feed their babies. Considering that she said she will achieve success may make others feel that they are unsuccessful if they fall short of the mark.

I’m sure that some people are being a little bit hard on Simpson, who probably didn’t mean to offend anyone.

It does show us, however, that it is a very sensitive subject and one that will ignite a debate if it has the opportunity to do so.

When all is said and done, it is important to take care of the baby in any way that you are able to do so. If you can breast-feed, it is a choice that you may want to consider but if you are not able to breast-feed, going the formula route is not the end of the world.

Perhaps it is one comment to her Instagram post that said it best: “For me this is success in her efforts and has absolutely nothing to do with what you were or weren’t able to do. Look for the negatives and that [is] all you will ever find.”

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