You can get married at Taco Bell for $600

We all dream about the possibility of a dream wedding but for Dan and Bianca Ryckert, the trip to the alter included something more than saying ‘I do’. They were the first couple that entered the new Las Vegas Taco Bell restaurant with a chapel included. Once inside, they were able to exchange their vows and enjoy some tasty fast food at the same time. Here is a peek behind the scenes at their fairytale wedding.

After arriving at the Taco Bell Cantina restaurant, it was obvious that things were traditional with a twist. The Bouquet was the first thing that catches your eye. It was made with a variety of sauce packets. Dan’s boutonniere was spicy looking, as it was made with a handful of Fire Sauce packets.

The wedding staff also wore some sauce packet accessories and had on the most interesting bowties.

The walk down the aisle was magical with a blanket of sauce packet petals sprinkled about.

After they met at the altar, the ceremony got underway. There was no shortage of Taco Bell puns.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. Please kiss your bride!”

Where did the happy couple go to celebrate their wedding? To the reception, catered by Taco Bell, of course.

They dined on tacos, Doritos Locos, guacamole and much more.

A taco cheers to celebrate.

Don’t forget the Taco Bell champagne glasses, complete with Baja Blast.

That isn’t even to mention the wedding cake. It was created with Cinnabon Delights and was just as delicious as it looks.

Our congratulations go out to the happy couple.

h/t: TacoBell

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