Jimmy Buffett Opens Margaritaville-Themed Retirement Community

Jimmy Buffet is known for his beachy, Margarittaville attitude, not only in his songs but his life.  Who else would would start planing a chain of retirement communities called…what else?  Latitude Margaritaville.  Honestly, I want to retire now!  You will too when you see the plans, because how else would you want to spend your retirement but on the beach or near a pool with a drink in your hand?

“It’s always been that happy place in your mind, the spirit of adventure in your soul,” says the new Margaritaville website. “It’s the state of mind when it all comes together in one of life’s perfect moments. When your mind wanders to this paradise, why not follow it home?”

The very first location will be located in Daytona Beach, Florida.  I love that he offers it to those ages “55 or better.” It’s located right on the beach.  The paradise has everything you would expect in Margaritaville. Check out the developer’s brochure photos below it’s even affordable.

Look closely at a bird’s eye view you can see almost every home has a view of water in their backyards.

Even the main entrance looks like a beach resort!

Everyone can enjoy beachfront dining with friends and family.

Games and drinks beachfront.

The model homes even scream parrot head!

The spacious living can be decorated you you liking but look at the airiness of this model?  I can picture myself sitting at the bar with my morning coffee!

If you choose to have even more water surrounding you a private pool can be install as well!

Because all of this just wouldn’t be enough!  I feel retirement calling to me!

Then to top this all off with an entrance to a private beach, residents will never need to (or want to) leave.

And if that isn’t enough already…Parrot Heads will apparently be able to enjoy performances by the man himself


Jimmy Buffett and retirement life are a match made in margarita heaven! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

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