Teens Follow Inebriated Girl With Her “Father” When A Hunch Tells Them That Something’s Off

This story takes place in Canada, where four teens found themselves in the type of situation that requires courageous and decisive action. They saw a young girl who was clearly intoxicated and in a terrible predicament. A man was dragged her through a parking garage and while he was claiming to be her father, the teens did not buy into this story.

James, Arnaud, Starlyn and Carsyn were out enjoying a night of skateboarding when they saw what was taking place. While some kids might have continued on with their activities, these teens knew that they need to intervene before it was too late. The combination of a well dressed man and a drunken, angry teenage girl simply did not look right to them.

When they approached the man to find out more about the situation, they were immediately brushed off. The man stuck to his story about being her father. The young woman did not offer any additional information for the boys to work with and so they decided to let the man pass. As they were leaving the parking garage, they still did not feel right about what had taken place.

As soon as they came back inside, their biggest fears were confirmed. The man was in the process of sexually assaulting the young girl. Once they got over their shock, the teens immediately sprung into action. The attacker was spooked when he saw the teens approaching and he quickly abandoned the victim. He then tried to walk past the teens like nothing even happened.

One of the teens decided to stay behind while the other three chased down the man. Sadly, an altercation broke out at this time and the man even attempted to use one of the boys’ skateboards as a weapon. Fortunately, the authorities arrived on the scene before it was too late. The young woman remained safe and the man was arrested for his crime.

The brave teenagers were given an award from the local police department for their bravery. We cannot even imagine how scared these teens must have been but they did not allow their fear to keep them from doing what was right. If this story touched your heart like it did ours, please take the time to share away! Their exceptional bravery deserves all of the praise and these courageous boys just may have saved someone’s life.

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