Little girl returns dog to the pound, then shelter sees a handwritten note on his collar


Most animals that are adopted from shelters are typically heading off to their forever home where they will spend the rest of their lives, but not all of these animals are not nearly as lucky. Even families that mean well for their new pets cannot always keep them over the long term, as unforeseen problems can arise along the way.

90933-002Rhino Lightning was adopted from his shelter by a family with four small children and while it seemed like a match made in heaven initially, they were forced to bring him back home after several months of residing with them.

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Unfortunately, the boxer brindle mix was unable to spend time with the family’s children without playing too rough and the parents were worried that his rambunctious nature would lead to a serious injury to one of their little ones.


However, the decision to bring Rhino Lightning back to the shelter was not one that was made lightly and as you might have guessed, the children did not take the choice very well. The family’s youngest daughter was hit especially hard by the decision and when they went to bring Rhino Lightning back, they also give the shelter a little notebook that the child had written messages about Rhino in.


She let the shelter know that she already missed Rhino very much and that she wished that there was a way for her to let him know how pretty of a puppy he was. She boasts of his intelligence and even provides the new family that will adopt him with specific instructions on how to take care of him.


Best of all, she even demands that the prospective new family keep the name Rhino Lightning when they adopt him. This is one of the most adorable stories that we have ever seen and you should be sure to share it with your friends and family members.



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