NASA releases ‘then and now’ photos of earth and we are officially doomed


It is no secret that our planet changes drastically on a daily basis, but since we are made to live here, it can be difficult to notice these alterations. Unfortunately, several of these changes have taken place due to the reckless behavior of humans and we wish that those who had become accustomed to destroying the planet would change their ways.

92836-003 92836-004 92836-005

Thanks to the abuse and strain that human beings have placed on the planet, the climate change that has happened as a result has become an increasingly larger issue. While some may delude themselves into believing that the problems are not all that severe, the pictures that you will see say otherwise.

92836-006 92836-007 92836-008

We inherited this planet from our ancestors and we have a responsibility to hand it down to our children in a better condition than we received yet. However, these pictures will definitely have you wondering what we can do to make things better in the future.

92836-009 92836-010 92836-011

These pictures are not doctored in any way and are readily available on the NASA website. There is no way to exaggerate what is taking place and if you take the time to compare these images in a side by side format, it becomes glaringly obvious that we have serious changes to make.

92836-012 92836-013 92836-014

Some of these images are very alarming and if you are shocked, that is part of the point. We are supposed to look at these images and realize the damage that we are doing and we are also supposed to take proactive measures to reverse it.

92836-015 92836-016 92836-017

If this story made your heart skip several beats and worry about the planet that we are leaving our children, please share this story with your closest friends and family, so that awareness can be raised on this matter and we can stem the tide of our collective environmental abuse.

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