Man drives by brand new house and sees something’s wrong. Can you spot it?

In a world where homeowners are becoming more cognizant about developing residences that have their own unique sense of individuality, it seems every day there is another home that goes viral…When these homes start to circulate on the Internet, they serve as inspiration to others.

While some homes are shared on the Internet for the proper reasons, some homes receive acclaim because they stand out in a way that is not desirable. This story about an unusual home is not being shared in hopes that you will emulate….it is actually meant to serve as a cautionary tale.


We all want to create a home that serves as an extension of who we are as people and while this is an understandable impulse, some homeowners take this concept too far and end up with an exterior that does not allow them to stand out in the way that they had originally hoped for.

A home like this one actually serves a prime example letting you know what NOT to do, as opposed to other homes that serve as a shining example of what TO do. Be sure to pay close attention when you check out the video below, because this driveway design flaw is not immediately evident.

This story about individualism will definitely make you laugh and you are going to want to watch this video in its full entirety, so that you can truly appreciate the trouble that this family went to in order to make their house look like this.

If you have any friends or family members that like to use unique configurations for their household design schemes, it is your responsibility to pass this story along to them as soon as possible and help them avoid creating the same kind of unwanted distraction that this family did.

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